Is there a woman who hasn’t wished they could maintain that feeling of 'glowing from the inside out' and not have to spend so much time and money just to make it look like she's glowing?

The mission behind GLOW! with Gia is to bring out your 'inner glow'.  Women shouldn’t have to use dozens of different makeup products just to feel better about themselves —especially in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

You should be able to simplify and take the stress out of your beauty and wellness regimen so you truly look and feel your best. That’s why Lynda created GLOW! with Gia and our collection of 'inspired wellness' products —that can easily be added to your daily routine to help you "Live Your Best Day, Every Day' and glow from the inside out!

Celebrities Love GLOW! with Gia...

GLOW! with Gia is a movement in women's beauty and wellness. Cosmetic, health and nutrition companies are constantly creating new trends so they can add more products to your routine. While consumers are spending money searching for the latest products with 'revolutionary' ingredients. But, they fail to realize one big thing: Your skin is only as good as your body's ability to absorb it!

This means that people just aren't 'glowing' the way they should, even though they are spending money on cosmetics, diet, nutrition and more. 

GLOW! with Gia's wellness products solve that problem! We use a unique technology called SFA (Single-File Alignment) to successfully deliver all those ingredients and nutrients to exactly where they need to be so they actually work.

World-renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich has been seen using our products as well as other celebrities such as Michelle Monaghan, Jordana Brewster and more!

About Lynda Cormier-Hanser

Lynda Cormier-Hanser, created the GLOW! with Gia wellness line. As a personal and business lifestyle mentor for 20 years, Lynda has a unique insight into exactly how to bring out every woman’s inner glow, no matter what her age. Lynda's motto has always been 'Live Your Best Day, Every Day!'
The biggest mistake people make is not understanding that 'beauty is as beauty does'. Its what you do, who you are and how you feel on the inside that is then ignited and shines through. Eating right, drinking lots of water, and looking after your body by giving it the right ingredients and nutrients will help you ignite your internal light and allow you to glow from the inside out." 

Growing up in southern California, from a young age, Lynda's passion has been helping people discover their 'extraordinary'.  After losing her father very unexpectedly at 22 years young, she developed a habit of nourishing her relationships and learned to overcome her fears in order to live a life of joy.

This inspired Lynda to share her learnings to inspire others.
In her 30's she began her journey into the personal development world and has since become one of the most sought-after personal lifestyle coaches, success mentors, and speakers today.

In her 40's she launched her first wellness company and created a program called “Roots and Wings” where she facilitates leadership and team building events for teens and young adults - at no cost to them.

More recently she was selected into the elite circle of “10 Inspirational, Phenomenal Global Women and will be featured in an upcoming PBS documentary and book about “The New Paradigm for Changing the World.” - this would become the inspiration behind the GLOW! with Gia movement.

After years of helping people become the best version of themselves and igniting their inner glow, Lynda decided to create the GLOW! with Gia movement, offering a unique line of inspired wellness products used by hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who follow her 'glow from within' philosophy.

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